Posted by: prosperingchristians | January 14, 2010

Christians without Money

Why is it that Christians still struggle with finances after a number of years of being Christians? We expect our lives to be better now that we have entered into fellowship with the Lord, but some things don’t change for Christians.

This seems to be a hindrance when trying to minister to the lost. Family and friends see the lives of their Christian friends and family members and see that things have not changed for them. This is challenging. Some Christians may not be applying the word to their lives. There are many Christians who do not know what their gifts, talents, and skills are and if they do, they do not know how to use them.

Many Christians make the mistake of not practicing or developing the talent or skill. Being strong in the Lord involves being an expert in the talent. This gives the Christians authority when trying to transact business. Since Jesus is the authority, the light of Jesus will shine through when the Christian is practicing and developing the talent.

Christians cannot make the mistake of letting the talent lie dormant because that is not doing him any good. The talent must be used. Also, just because the Christian has talent in a specific are does not mean that he does not need additional training and education. We have to continually grow in our talents because then we will change from glory to glory. The lost will see our good works and ” our Father who is in heaven.”

Many Christians do not know what their gifts are and this is when they have to go to God in prayer for a revelation of the gifts. After a time, God will speak to the Christians who are not using their gifts. When they hear him speak, it is advisable to listen and respond. God gives us gifts so that we can build up his kingdom. He gives us talents so that we can earn a living.

The International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences says that a “talent generally refers to particular potentials.” It is something that could run in the family. It reveals itself in childhood and if the mother or father is aware of it, she/he will help the child to develop it. But notice that it says it is a potential. That is it will not be beneficial to the person unless it is developed.

The longer you work with a talent and develop it, the more money you will earn. So, think back to the talent that you developed as a child. If you have not used it in a while, begin to use it again. Don’t continue to let it lie dormant. Perhaps you can teach it to someone else. Use the talent to earn money and use the gift to build God’s kingdom. Together, they will help you become prosperous.



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