Posted by: prosperingchristians | April 19, 2010

God is Faithful

Despite the challenges we have had in trying to locate pen pals for the U.S. and Kenyan students, we have been able to secure answers to the letters which were recently sent by a classroom in Virginia. One of the Kenya schools managed to encourage the students to send letters and photographs of the school and orphanage.

There is no reason to believe that just because we encountered a problem initially that all of our attempts to communicate with the students in Kenya will fail. We give glory to God that we were able to secure answers to the letters. Little by little, we make progress.

One of the students in Kenya wrote a beautiful poem about the experience with the AIDS epidemic and it gives keen insight into just how the students feel about this unfortunate situation and how they manage to cope. Here it is:

Aids, oh Aids
The mention of your name
Scares me out of my skin,
Out of darkness you crept in
And swept our continent
From North to South, East to West,
Thousands and thousands you have killed,
Spoiled the beauty of our continent,
Causing no meaning to life
Yet, you are not satisfied
AIDS, do you have mercy?

Aids, oh Aids
you are a deadly monster,
You have taken our fathers and mothers,
Brothers and Sisters.
Home are but full of graves,
Children are orphans, women are widows,
and men are widowers,
Why? just because of Mr.Aids,
Others call you "Kill me Quick".
Scientists have gone to the moon,
Made Nuclear weapons,
Yet, your cure has defeated them,
Aids, do you have mercy?

My dear brothers and sisters,
Friends and relatives,
And to my lovely parents,
Lend me your ears,
And take this message right,
With a broken heart, I am asking you
Please! Please! take care
To the youths, stop bad habits,
Husbands and Wives, be faithful to each other,
This monster never sleeps,
There is no cure for Aids,
Aids, do you have mercy?

Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala sent me this poem written by a fifteen year old girl from Kenya


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