Posted by: prosperingchristians | November 28, 2010

Wisdom and the Presidency

President Obama was widely regarded as someone who could save this country’s economic future and some have said that the favor of God was upon him. A person who is highly favored is highly skilled, talented, and gifted. It is interesting that Jon Meachum is comparing Obama to Job in the Bible.

As you may recall, Job was very prosperous and lost everything for no apparent reason other than the fact that God was testing him. God told Satan to see if he could tempt Job. (Job 1:9-11). However, Job never cursed God for what had happened to him. Therefore, he passed the test.

A person who has the favor of God always has his favor because of the gifting. Job never lost favor with God. Meachum makes light of the fact that the people have become disappointed in Obama is a sign that God has turned their backs on him. But this is far from the truth. God never leaves nor forsakes us, but people do. We cannot trust anyone but God and Jesus to be there for us. This is more of a case of disillusionment on the part of the people, rather than God turning his back on Obama.

The lesson for Job was that he had to be obedient to God and pray for his friends. Obama may have a heart for God more like David. Even with the sin that David committed, he still remained God’s favorite throughout his life. God is not like man. He has more patience with us than people do.

In conclusion, this is more of a case of people becoming disillusioned with Obama, rather than God with drawing his favor.



  1. That’s an interesting take. Better to have the favor of God than the favor of men.

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