Posted by: prosperingchristians | January 8, 2011

Knowing God


When making important decisions and before embarking on new adventures, Christians who fear the Lord will want to learn God’s way of doing things. God conducts his affairs with wisdom and does not act impulsively.

When Christians come to the Lord, most come knowing that in the past they made mistakes and humbly ask God to change these things about them. Others have had such dysfunctional lives that they lack knowledge about the proper way to do things. It does not even occur to them that their actions are wrong until they are convicted.

The Lord says in Isaiah 43:18,19 “Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing…” The new thing is to replace the former thing. When we are faced with making decisions, we are not to make them the way that we did when we were unsaved. God changes us so that we can respond correctly.

Those who win souls are said to be wise in Proverbs 11:30. They know how to approach people in a way so that Christ will be allowed to reveal himself. When Christ does the work, there is compassion involved in bringing the soul to Christ. The evangelist is never self-assertive nor opinionated.

The new way is to do things under a covering of prayer. Your actions will then be guided by the Holy Spirit and things will fall into place. A disciple of Jesus will have the impulsive spirit changed to one of discipline, one of disobedience to obedience. In order for this change to take place, there must be an attitude of prayer so that one becomes more like Christ.

The evangelist also understands that he will not have favor with everyone. He/she will be waiting for the unsaved to commit to repeating the sinners’ prayer, but for unknown reasons, decides today is not the day. The Bible teacher may be expecting their new guest to arrive for the first class but fails to show. There will be times when these things happen. When they do, it is because of insufficient prayer.

As we mature in the spirit, we become more fruitful, and as we become more fruitful, we can respond more as Christ did. Unsaved souls will be more apt to respond to us so that they can be invited into the kingdom of God. We can also be more patient and understanding when things do not go as planned. When there is better preparation, then we can anticipate the results that we want. God can work more efficiently through us.

In conclusion, brothers and sisters, allow God to landscape your souls so that he can have his way with you.



  1. Great word in season and out of season!

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