Posted by: prosperingchristians | March 1, 2011

God’s Vision for the Family

The Lord has set down his commandments for the families and even in the wake of economic uncertainty, we are to abide by his rules. The economic crisis of 2008 has had its toll on families all over the world. It is during these times that we are to lean on the Lord for strength to endure theses difficult times.

Many of the families in the United States and Mexico have had a change in their family structure as heads of households have lost jobs or men have abandoned their families. Particularly in the United States, many families are experiencing homelessness as a result of losing jobs and homes due to foreclosures.

The Lord has provided for many of the homeless to receive food, clothing, medical care, and in some cases, shelter in their time of need. Heads of households are still responsible, however to do what they can to seek these services for themselves and their families. Some choose to live outdoors or in cars when shelter is available.

Ephesians 5:23 says that the husband is the head of the wife and in verse 24, wives are to be subject to their own husbands. This means that the husbands are supposed to be the heads of households. In verse 25, it says that husbands are to sacrifice themselves for the wife as Christ sacrificed himself for the church.

In our society in the United States this vision of marriage is absent in many of the families partly because of economics and partly because of a lack of responsibility on the part of the husbands. It is only when husbands and wives rely on the Lord to meet their needs that this vision of the family can be fulfilled. The Lord has said that he would be with us in times of trouble in Psalm 91:14-16. In verse 15 God says, “He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble: I will deliver him and honor him.”

Even when the families struggle, men are supposed to sacrifice themselves for their wives. Many Christian men do follow God’s commandments and are blessed for doing so. These Christian men would be good witnesses to how God can meet the needs of families when we ask and that there is never a reason to abandon families when times get tough.

In Mexico, the men are abandoning their families because of the violence that is taking place in their neighborhoods and because of the growing number of women who are taking jobs in the factories. Men must travel across the desert to find a new home and jobs, while the women opt to remain in their homes and provide for their families. It would be difficult for women to travel across the desert with children.

This situation has left women in a vulnerable situation in their neighborhoods and in the workplace, as they are being victimized by their employers and are forced to live in dangerously crime ridden areas. The poor in the United States and in Mexico are oppressed people.

The Lord expects Christians who are in positions to do so to help the poor and the oppressed, not to mistreat or do violence to them. God will bless them when they do.
For the ones who are oppressing the poor people, God has promised devastation and punishment, (Isaiah 10:1- 3).

Therefore, Christians would do well to remember the poor in the United States and the poor in Mexico by offering prayers, food and clothing on their behalf. There are many ministries for those who feel called to help the poor in these countries.

Here is an agency where Christians can offer support to the poor:
World Hunger If you would like to get involved with a ministry in Mexico you can contact Christ for Mexico ,which is in need of prayer partners, donations, and people to go to Mexico to minister to the poor. As this is a dangerous mission, only those who feel really called by God should go, as some who went out on missions have been reported missing.


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