Posted by: prosperingchristians | April 11, 2011

A New Budget for the United States

President Obama has been working hard to keep the country from experiencing more devastation. We now have a new plan to reduce the national budget deficit, and we almost lost the federal Head Start program in the process. This is a program which several of the lawmakers do not embrace because it affects their agenda in getting more tax cuts for the rich.

This program was a bone of contention with the Bush administration as they were not in agreement of the provisions of the wage and salary administration. But, there is someone who has potential to destroy this program if we let him and that is Satan.

The Head Start program provides much-needed benefits for poor children including, medical, dental, and nutritional assistance as well as counseling, literacy, and educational programs for the parents of the children participating in the program. The homeless children have recently been added to the program in view of their problems in getting their needs met.

Praise God! The Lord provides! Head Start Programs are a way for the homeless to receive the medical attention that they need, including a healthy meal, dental programs, and socialization as they play and learn with other children their age.

Honestly, though, could the lawmakers live with themselves if they were to vote this program out? Each year, the federal government has increased funding for the program and enrollment have increased each year since 1965 when the program first started.

Why do the lawmakers feel we do not need this program and if we left it up to the rich, would they assist these children on their own? The fact of the matter is that the rich have cut back drastically on their giving since the Bernie Madoff incident. Many lost large amounts of money, but they continue to stay in business. They may have reduced their property ownership and their spending habits, but they survived the economic crisis.

The rich know how to live below their means and many of them do, to our amazement. If they do give, it is because of the tax breaks they receive in the process. The Bible says, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to go to heaven.”

In conclusion, good will triumph over evil and we should overcome evil with good. Though we may not have extra money to donate to this cause, we should do what we can to make a child’s life more bearable.


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