Posted by: prosperingchristians | October 13, 2011

Ministry in Bangladesh

From the beautiful picturesque landscapes of Bangladesh come two beautiful, humble souls of Christ, Francis Biplob Biswas & his wife, Rina Regina Biswas. They are involved in the Campus Crusade for Christ, which brings the word to the students on college campuses and assists them in coming to knowledge of the Lord.

They also participate in a monthly prayer and fasting, necessary for growth as a Christian, and various training programs to help bring others to the Lord such as the Muslims and Hindi people. They also spend a significant amount of time preparing themselves to be better vessels for God.

To understand this couple’s plight, it is necessary to examine the populations in Bangladesh. Forty-eight percent of the people are poverty ridden because of the lack of colonial power and natural resources in the area. Many of the people go knocking on doors for a very little bit of food. Food prices are high and natural disasters are frequent..
Many of the people do not have an opportunity to attend schools and the literacy rate is about 50%.

This couple works with as many families as they can, helping them to understand God’s word. There is a need for food, shelter, and for clothing, and training materials for the new converts. The website is at: and there is a place for donations on the site. If you feel moved to offer assistance of any kind, please contact them.


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