Posted by: prosperingchristians | November 18, 2011

Preaching the Gospel in Bangladesh

The Prospering Christians are planning a mission trip to Bangladesh in December 2011 and we need your support and prayers. We will be ministering to three hundred thirty students at the Campus Crusade for Christ and witnessing to lost souls. Bangladesh is an area which is prone to flooding and as such, the local arhitects, such as Mohamed Rezwan, have undertaken creative measures in an urban renewal plan to help alleviate he problems caused by the flooding. One of the projects includes community life boats, which house libraries and schools equipped with Internet access, solar roofs and solar panels. Approximately 90,000 students are serviced through these boats, which assist them with their educational needs.

Our group will be attending a conference to encourage he students and thn we will witness to lost souls. Anyone interested in attending should contact me at this blog. We need help in ministering to the lost souls, and we need funding to help offset the costs for holding the conference.

We invite you to join us and offer your support.


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