Posted by: prosperingchristians | January 16, 2012

Stewardship – A Means of Promotion from God

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We have been broadcasting our teachings from the Bible on handling debt and being a good steward of what God has given us on Blog Talk Radio and Talk Shoe. (The links to the shows are to the right.) We appreciate the listeners and encourage you to continue to visit the program. There is much to talk about relative to finances, as there are about twenty parables in the New Testament which pertain to finances and stewardship, in particular.

I am finding that I am learning much about God’s commandments and promises relative to our finances and just how seriously he wants us to pursue a debt–free living. This has been an issue since the days of the ancient Israelites and in spite of what God has written down in his word, mankind keeps mishandling money and, living beyond their means so that they cannot pay off their debt. Sad to say that it will always be a problem in this world, as long as people refuse to learn the Biblical principles in managing money.

The very fact that God has included twenty parables in the Bible on stewardship shows how important this is to him. If we do not become good stewards of what God has entrusted to us, then God cannot give us more responsibility, more money, more grace, or more possessions. He cannot bless us. This is the reason why some have abundance and some are lacking in their lives.

We can change this and it means taking the initiative to acquire knowledge and wisdom in managing finances according to God’s word. Very few churches give an in depth teaching on managing finances. There are so many topics to cover in a sermon and the pastors have their agenda that they need to cover according to what God has placed on their hearts. We may have to go to experts outside of the church.

In the early days of this country, the early settlers learned how to manage money and run their businesses from the Bible. They learned the knowledge and passed it down through their families. As a result, many of them became wealthy and this wealth has been passed down. It is a fact that many f us will never have wealth, but we can be more prosperous if we begin to use God’s word for managing our money as we do in solving other of life’s problems.

It’s a new year, and why not make a determination to do things differently this year. It could mean having extra retirement money to live on or acquiring a better paying job.



  1. Hi Gail, many thanks for visiting me on and my apologies for the late reply. I’m delighted to contact you and know more of your work and ministry.

    Thanks for the good teaching. Lord help out faith to reach out for more, so that we can fulfil our destiny and be the blessing that the Lord intended us to be in the earth.

    I shall visit you audio sites as soon as I am able

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