Posted by: prosperingchristians | December 27, 2012

Crosspoint Children’s Choir Sings for Christmas Program





The children’s choir at Crosspoint Church, under the direction of Gail Cavanaugh, sang at the Christmas Program, “The Perfect Gift” in Newport, Rhode Island on Christmas Eve.  Eleven children from age three to twelve sang “Jesus, Precious Jesus,” a ballard from the musical, Angel Alert  by Celeste and David Clydesdale.  The song is about the birth of Jesus.When the Lord put on my heart to start a children’s choir, I immediately acted upon it because I had been hearing from him for the last two years. I had been unable to receive cooperation in another church. I was well received in the new church, however, there was not much of a response from the church members. Some friends and I got together and prayed and as a result, more of the children became involved.

I already had chosen the program and was just waiting to implement it with the children. There eagerness to sing solo was dication to me that they would not have stage fright. They were very diligent in showing up for practice and few missed even one session. I am thankful that the Lord sent such hearts prepared to worship. Several of the children had knowledge of Jesus already as they were attending Sunday School and had mothers who were strong in the Lord.

The children were very active children and as such had difficulty standing still for long periods of time while we practiced. As such, I showed them hand motions while they were were singing the song which also helped them to remember the verses.

When we were finally ready to present the song that they had so painstakingly learned over the last two months, no one changed their mind about singing. I was so proud of the children! They did a great job and the audience showed their appreciation.


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