Posted by: prosperingchristians | February 28, 2013

God is Doing a New Thing

Gail Sewing Center -1-page0001

The Gail Sewing Center is up and running.  Women and young girls are attending the center to learn how to sew.  Men have shown an interest as well.  Right now, the women are learning how to embroider.  It is wonderful what God is doing in this area of Pakistan.  We are so fortunate to be working with Bishop Dr. Asif Raza who has been working tirelessly to set this up.

We have an opportunity to win souls as Muslim women come to enroll in the programs, the pastor leads them to Christ.  We thank the Lord for his hand in this project.  Christian women around the world are coming forward to offer their assistance and support.  The plan is to open a boutique where women can sell their clothing.  All of the women are learning new skills which will help them to be able to acquire better jobs and to even have a business of their own.  We are currently planning to have one of the women teach a course in computer software.

Gail Sewing Center -1-page0002

I will personally be paying a visit very soon and I am looking forward to visiting the center,  It is wonderful what God is doing in this area.  We give glory to God.  I am hoping to take a team of people with me.  If anyone is interested, contact me here.  Just post a response with contact information or visit the site on Facebook – Gail Women’s Sewing Center.  Please visit and like the page.  Feel free to print the posters on this page and share them with friends, family, and colleagues.

The Christians in Pakistan comprise about 2% of the population.  They hold menial jobs and are not treated very well because of their beliefs.  Bishop Raza is trying to provide them with more opportunities for better jobs and to have their own business.  It will take time to develop the skills, but the people are willing to work hard.  Please keep this project in prayer and pray for Bishop Raza and me as we carry out God’s plan.

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