Posted by: prosperingchristians | April 10, 2015

Living a Joyful Life

Joy is one of the fruits of the spirit and at times, our joy may come under attack.  It is something that we need to work with on a daily basis.  If we are trying to make a living, this has to be a priority otherwise, we will not make money!

For some of us, it is a tough lesson to learn.  If we find challenges to exhibiting joy in our lives, rest assured that the devil has something to do with it.  It is so subtle that it is easy to overlook.  It is why we have to be equipped to take a stand against these attacks.

The Key to Abundance and Blessing

We experience joy when we know that the Lord is providing for our every need.  The psalmists were aware of this in Psalm 126:2, 3 – “Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them.  The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.”

How nice to be able to receive provision from the Lord and then receive joy, even before it comes!  It is a blessing.  So the challenge comes in maintaining the joy and getting our needs met.

Jesus, though, he was being sought after by the Pharisees, experienced joy, many times after praying.  He also urged the disciples who had returned to him with joy after casting out demons to find their joy in the fact that Satan was being defeated because their names were written in the Book of Life, rather than the fact that the demons were submitting to the disciples after using the name of Jesus to cast them out, (Luke 10:19, 20).  So our joy is tied to the casting out of demons out of our lives!

So what are the demons that we need to cast out?  The answer lies in where we have experienced joy and returning to it so we can cast out these demons.  Certain activities will cast them out and rest assured that Satan gets angry!  But, do not let this be the reason why you do not experience the joy, because the Lord has given us authority over Satan.  He tells the disciples. “Behold, I have given you power to tread on serpents, and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”  Luke 10:19.

It has been awhile since I added an entry to this blog, and I do miss it.  I have been busy opening a music school, the RI Kids Create Music School.  The school offers teaching in piano, guitar and drums.  I will be teaching a Spiritual Piano course this summer and invite anyone to attend and learn how to experience joy through worship of the Lord.  I am offering lessons on Skype and via webinar as well.  If you are interested, you may contact me at the website or through this blog.  I do private lessons and classes.


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