Prospering Christians is a group of Face Book members who have gathered together from the four corners of the earth to learn how to handle money God’s way. We are from all different faiths, and therefore, use the Bible as a way to create unity amongst our members.

Gail Cavanaugh, the group leader is a business consultant, writer and life insurance agent.  A saved Christian for siteen years, she has led hundreds of people to the Lord.  She is the author of Retailer’s Guide to Merchant Services and Beyond My Imagination.  Ms. Cavanaugh plays the piano and is the owner of the RI Kids Create Music School.

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  1. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  2. Dear Praying Beloved Brother in the Lord Jesus Christ, Heartly Christian greetings to you all in the Holy Name of our Dear Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Who redeemed us by paying a great price on the cross of Calvary and made us laborers to gather in his love and in his vineyard. It is a genuine pleasure for me to introduce to write to you this letter and let you know my thirst to you for the extension of his glorious kingdom. We are so grateful for your prayer and hope you will mightily blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ .It is a testimony to the faithfulness of God and the humble prayers of His saints.


    We are seeing good and lasting fruit in Christ living church with great soul winning and much help to the Broken-hearted, Hurting And the end of July 2008 Christ living church started by faith, a free Mid Day Meal Project for 120 children aged 3 to 8 in the Rajamandry Slum area. IFGC is going forth by faith to feed more than 1000 children in the RAJAMANDRY Slum areas. IFGCChildren’s Action Committee has been concentrating as the Lord is leading, on infant feeding for the children who are facing troubles due to malnutrition and unhygienic food.

    The man who persecuted more than 19 pastors in surrounding villages in East Godavari District has changed his life and surrendered into Christ and become our IFGC Church member in RANGAMPETA. He and his friends persecuted pastors and gave lots of trouble and pressure for the pastor’s children and families. On 24th of July God spoke with this man and through his testimony many of his family members and friends came to Christ. We have changed his name to Daniel Paul from RAMU

    we started 38 village churches recently where there is no Gospel.

    The eyes of two blind people were opened through our prayers in our IFGC Gospel meeting at kondapalli school ground area. Glory to the Lord. Many people were surprised at this mighty miracle as thousands of kondapalli people know these two blind people and many Hindus and Communists are now trusting in God’s wonders and miracles. Hallelujah.16 hardhearted prisoners gave their lives to Christ. (We have been praying for them for four years) and on the 17th July one of the Hindu jail officers saw the Glory of the Lord and his whole family accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

    All of the IFGC children got good ranks in the school and are studying well. All the children are growing in good Christian love and discipline and they are worshipping the Lord, learning new songs, Bible stories and dramas. It is wonderful to know that our IFGC children got first ranks in High School 10th class and joined in under-graduation in Science, Moths and Vocation Training. The Education Officers and Politicians greeted them and were very pleased for our IFGC Children’s Homes. Please pray for the children as they would like to study well and do the Lord’s work in different ways.
    We have started the work of shelters Living Waters Bible College in village of anuru by faith.78 Bible College students are getting free Bible training, shelter, food and needed things and hope to start more than 78 congregations in the month of November 2009. We enrolled extra 58 new students who joined as the Lord directed. More than 2548 water baptisms have taken place in different places and villages during the last 15 months. By God’s grace clc had a fellowship 107 pastors and leaders these all defended on faith, monthly once who are in persecution and troubles. We use to share each other and will pray The IFGC pastors are doing a great outreach work under the Lord’s direction, thousands of nonbelievers are coming into Christ, through door to door ministry, gospel meetings in streets, in crowded areas, market place etc., and God’s miraculous healings and wonders are happening in the outreach. The lame are walking, sick are being healed, the blind seeing, people are being released from bondages, chains are being broken and the prisoners are being set free. It is great news that 38 villages have turned to Christ during the last 15th months. Amen.

    The months of March. Gospel Festival and more than 2000, made decisions for Christ and there were over 308 miraculous healings. The lame walked and the blind received their sight. The deaf heard, a person with AIDS was healed, cancers went in Jesus Name. People were set free from demonic oppression; the paralyzed husband of a woman who attended was healed AT HOME. Chronic back pain healed, a man dying of malaria and typhoid healed, a man whose eyes had been weeping for months saw a vision of God and his eyes were healed and many more. To God be all the Glory. The churches are growing; the pastors and leaders are starting new churches. The ministry is growing and Helpless for the Glory of our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Yours in the Bonds of Calvary

    (Founder & president)IFGC.
    Anurukother (bo) pin: 533437
    E,,g,,dt. AP. INDIA.

  3. Thank you for your testimony on how the light of Jesus is being brought to so many people. It is very encouraging to hear about your victories in the name of jesus. Thank you for you prayers and we hope to hear more about your ministries. May God bless you richly and keep on spreading the Godd News.

    In Christ,

    Gail Cavanaugh

  4. For the Lord says, “You have heard about the kingly anointing, but this year My ambassadors will begin to embrace and execute it. For I am releasing a new dispensation of grace, so that My regents will function not only as priests, but also as kings in My kingdom.
    For My people have known Me as the Lamb of God, Savior, Redeemer and suffering Servant, but have failed to recognize and represent Me as the Lion of Judah, Judge, Ruler and triumphant King. Indeed, the importation of the priestly anointing accompanied the restoration of My prophets, and through the ministry of intercession My Father’s heart has been moved for righteousness sake. However, in this hour, I am restoring the apostolic mantle whereby the kingly anointing will shroud My people, who through the ministry of intervention will move My Father’s hand in justice.” (Revelation 1:6; 5:10)

    For the Lord says, “I am seated at My Father’s right hand till My enemies become My footstool.
    Therefore, I am sending the rod of My strength and justice out from My church to rule in the midst of My enemies! Who among you will volunteer in the day of My power and wrath?

    For the wicked in their pride and greed have forgotten Me and have pursued the poor, consumed the helpless, persecuted the innocent, and oppressed the fatherless. Will you stand idly by, or will you intercede as a priest, and intervene as a king on their behalf, moving My Father’s hand to judge the wicked and execute the heads of nations? (Psalm 10, Psalm 110)

    For the Lord says, “Even as Paul moved My Father’s hand in judgment upon Bar-Jesus, blinding him for perverting the straight ways of the Lord, so I am pleading with My Church to make straight a highway for Me. Prepare the way for Me, and I will not only make a way for you to recover what the enemy has stolen, but also empower you to expose and topple the idols of Islam, Mammon, and Baal that threaten the expansion of My kingdom throughout the earth.

    For surely My prophets and priests are straightening paths of righteousness for many to gain access to My throne room. However, My apostles and kings must now prepare avenues of justice through which My name and the humble may be vindicated and the wicked judged. For truly this year shall hallmark the emergence of the kings.” (Acts 13:6-12, Isaiah 40:3, 4)

    Apostle George Morara Onsarigo

  5. I see something truly interesting about your site so I saved to bookmarks .

  6. Ya, it’s about perception.
    Rahul Gandhi

  7. Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it’s a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from.

  8. Welcome jesus church of pakistan
    On going projects
    1:Sewing centre,s
    By grace of the lord Jesus christ , have wonderfull works
    For christ in pakistan , on going sewging center for women,s
    And men,s already doing boutique shop in pakistan , here is
    Poor girl s and widow,s getting free training provode them .
    2: children education ministry
    Our ministry perivode free education in orphanage
    And poor childs , here is pakistan our communty is too
    Much weak our vision standup christian in pakistan
    With education , needs , school bag, note Book,s
    Shoes, unifrom ,
    3: chruches in all pakistan
    Thanks to God we are have 20 pastroal teams in pakistan
    Karachi, Lahore , Islamabad , Gojra city , ghotki sindh ,
    Muzfarghar city , these branches through we are win ma souls
    For his coming kingdom , upcoming crusades in May 2013
    We are inviate you for preach in pakistan ,
    Please prayer for ministry and on going projects
    Need,s I hope God will send help for own wokrs
    God bless you ,
    Thank you

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